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At the Milan Triennale: 999 Questions for Exploring Contemporary Life

In collaboration with Impact Hub, for the exhibition "999. Una collezione di domande sull'abitare": a space and a palimpsest for investigating contemporary life.

Opening LAGO AT WORK Paris @Patchwork

We are pleased to announce the opening of the new LAGO AT WORK Patchwork, a co­working space in the centre of Paris.


Harrods: anything from a pin to an elephant ... to LAGO

The first Listone Giordano LAGO INSIDE is now open

After the presentation at the Bologna Cersaie, the first Listone Giordano shop has been inaugurated in Manfredonia as LAGO INSIDE format. It is an innovative retail project in which the Listone products are framed by our LagoLinea and Air systems, resulting as a collection of paintings in an art gallery.

Discover the new LAGO WELCOME Verona Design B&B

It is already open for business and we will be inaugurating it soon: LAGO WELCOME Verona Design B&B


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