Gift Ideas for a Design-Driven Christmas BE KIND. SHOP WISE.



What is the first image that comes to mind when you think of Christmas?
The house decorated for the holidays, the table set just so and, of course, presents under the tree. But every December, we return to the age-old question: what is the perfect gift idea?

Every year, an estimated 44 million unwanted gifts are purchased: a book that we didn’t really want to read, a scarf that we really don’t want to wear, a frame that we will never actually put a photo in.
That is why this Christmas we want to do something different: BE KIND. SHOP WISE. is our call to purchase gifts that are functional, original and, most of all, long lasting.

Four smart reasons why LAGO furniture is a perfect gift idea

Ours is a cultural approach to business with the goal of creating products of exceptional quality that can improve everyday life. Putting the individual back in the centre: that is how we understand design

A piece of LAGO Furniture it’s not only a symbol of quality: è it’s a gift that can transmit emotions. And what else can be better for a Christmas gift?

Four smart reasons why LAGO furniture is a perfect gift idea

1. It is forever: it stands up to time and outlasts fashions

divano slide bianco

The quality of our furniture makes it long lasting, but also always current.
LAGO design is rooted in simplicity: the airy suspensions and modularity release an innate capacity to dialogue with different styles and contexts, making it resistant to changing fashions.


2. It is original, shaping itself to your dreams

idee regalo fluttua

At LAGO, we have a compass – Head, Heart, Courage – that guides us in designing functional, innovative furniture that is above all capable of inspiring emotion each and every day.From the suspension of the Air system to the modularity and creativity of our alphabets, LAGO furniture is designed to give shape to dreams.


3. It is respectful of the environment

Lago Fabbrica Esterno

Lean Thinking, a productivity method that optimises time and resources, helps us to constantly improve in order to produce sustainable, customisable design.
Every piece of our furniture thanks to our painting on different materials like glass and wood. The painting is masde with products with water without solvent, avoiding the emission of noxious substances and riduncing the enviromental impact.


4. It is functional because it was designed for the life that happens around it

cucina con isola moderna lago air

LAGO design is a lively, dynamic alphabet: our systems integrate with one another to create infinite furniture solutions for every area of the home, tailored to your own spaces and personality. A philosophy that stimulates your creative potential and provides the tools for narrating the uniqueness of your story: you are the design, we create the alphabet.

What are you waiting for? Discover our selection of gift ideas and create your Holiday Wish List!

Santa Claus is waiting!


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